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 Online Rules

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PostSubject: Online Rules   Online Rules Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2009 7:21 am

First off, if you don't know the basic rules of werewolf head back to our main site and check the rules, this article will outline the differences between "live" werewolf and online werewolf.

The rules are very similar, as you would expect, it's the method of play that is quite different. Each phase (day and night) lasts 24 hours. The GM will specify when exactly votes need to be in by and when the result will be released, depending on when they can get on each day. Unlike in live werewolf a majority is not required to lynch a person, votes are PMed to the GM, whoever has the most votes will be hanged at the end of the day phase. In the case of a tie there will be a second consecutive day phase where only the members of the tie can be voted for. If there is another tie the lynchee will be determined randomly by the GM from the candidates. If a person does not submit their votes by the deadline they will receive a warning. If they do it twice in the same game they will be killed (in addition to the person lynched) and will be banned from the next game. Each night the wolves, sorc and seer PM their actions to the GM. Anything may be used as evidence, including PMs and online discussions, but you may not photoshop screenshots or otherwise tamper with such evidence and you may not reveal anything the GM has PMed to you. There are also less werewolves online, 1:3 instead of 1:2. (Still rounded down)

The aspect that makes online werewolf so different to live werewolf is the roleplay. Each player will choose a character to play and will be able to roleplay that character in the roleplay forum. When they die they will send in a death scene describing exactly how they were hanged/brutally murdered. This is not essential to the game but in my experience makes it a lot more fun and adds more depth to the game. It also gives you something to do once you've already sent in your vote and you've accused a few people.

The strategy in online werewolf is quite different too, but I'll leave figuring that out to you Twisted Evil
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Online Rules
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